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Traccar Custom Support and Installation

Traccar GPS tracking software is a tracking software used
for real-time tracking of your vehicle or assets.

We at MaxTracking provide custom support of Traccar
GPS tracking software
. Our services of Traccar GPS tracking
include below:

Complete Installation: We can do the installation of
Traccar on your server or we can recommend a suitable setup and make everything
up and running.

Additional device support: We can also add support of
additional devices which are not currently supported in the Traccar.

Managed Traccar Service: We can manage the entire setup on
your behalf. This service include setup of server, installation of Traccar,
customization, troubleshooting, backup/restoration/updates etc.

What is Traccar?

Server: Traccar software provides high performance and stability on Windows
and Linux platforms. The server can be self-hosted in the cloud or on-site. We
also provide a number of hosted options with professional support.

Devices: Traccar supports more protocols and device models than any other
GPS tracking system on the market. You can select GPS trackers from a variety
of vendors from low cost Chinese models to high-end quality brands.

Interface: Traccar includes a modern fully-featured web interface with both
desktop and mobile-friendly layouts.

Live Tracking: With Traccar you can view your GPS devices in real-time with
no delay. We have various mapping options, including road maps and satellite
imagery. The Server can handle a wide variety of sensors and additional
information supplied by GPS units.

Alerts: Traccar software provides instant web notifications along with
support for email and SMS. This allows for external alerting in cases of harsh
driving behaviour like speeding, fuel and maintenance events, geo-fencing and
many other types of alerts.

Reports: Traccar supports simple location history, trip, chart and summary
reports. You can view data directly in the web or mobile app and also export
and download an Excel file. History can also be projected on the map providing
visual representation.

Support for more than 170 GPS protocols and more than 1500 models of GPS
tracking devices, including Concox, TKStar QueClink and Teltonika.

(Teltonika IoT Group and all the owned companies conform to the ISO 9001,

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management system standards and have earned the

internationally acknowledged management system certifications.)


Traccar is a free and open source modern GPS tracking system.